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DJ Premier Drum Kit


DJ Premier hails from Brooklyn New York and was the instrumental half of the hip hop duo Gang Starr, together with MC Guru. Rolling Stone identified Premier as arguably Hip-Hop’s greatest producer of all time. The Source named DJ Premier one of the five greatest producers in hip-hop history, while the editors of ranked him #1 on their Top 50 Hip-Hop Producers list.

The DJ Premier Samples Pack is available for instant download and includes the following WAV sounds (compatible with every sampler & software): 10 Crashes 150 Kicks 150 Snares 100 Hi Hats 21 Shakers 9 Toms 10 Rides 12 Tambourines

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1 review for DJ Premier Drum Kit

  1. Jose H

    Yooo, just copped the Premo drum kit and the speakers are banging! gonna be a good night!

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