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Kaytranada Sound Kit


Up for grabs is a Kaytranada inspired drum & percussion kit, which gives you that organic sound & groove this kid championed in the last few years. The Kaytranada Sound Kit is available for instant download and includes the following WAV sounds (compatible with every sampler & software): 68 kicks, 65 snares, 52 hihats, 30 Claps and 66 percussion and foley sounds.

Below we skip through some of the sounds over the sample that made Kaytranada famous!

If you work in Ableton, then you’ll also get a custom built drum rack, which lets you access all the sounds conveniently from one place. You can check it out in this video.

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3 reviews for Kaytranada Sound Kit

  1. Jose H

    S/O for this dope drum kit! Copped it the other day, and everything in this kit goes HAM!

  2. Mr Dean

    Just got this kit yesterday, man it’s even better then the last. There is so much versatility in this kit allowing you to create any kind of genre your heart desires.

  3. Poptart

    Just purchased this kit today! love it!

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