Ugly Face Breaks by STLNDRMS

Ugly Face Breaks by STLNDRMS! Over 50 Analog recorded and mixed dry, dusty, ugly, drum breaks. Vintage sound with current fidelity and that STLNDRMS signature pocket and swing.

Crazy patterns, straight ahead grooves, that bounce… It’s all in here. Multiple microphone configurations, Multiple hardware setups, Multiple mixing techniques. Crazy tape saturation, that clean wide punchy sound, that all out analog distortion thing. I put in real work on this kit. The Idea is to give you that 1967 energy sonically but hit you with my pocket right now as far as groove goes.

Get Ugly Face Breaks by STLNDRMS for $20


This pack was created almost all analog. I tracked into LUNA using vintage mics and this breakbeats by Questlove Ludwig kit I picked up. Then I came out of the computer into vintage transformer based preamps, into my mixing console then into a tube compressor, a reel to reel tape machine, a vca bus compressor… The entirety of the mix is done in the analog domain. I think you’ll dig the sonics here. Dirty, nasty, noisy, ugly ass drums…. And nothing else.

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