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Vinyl Breaks Bundle


Much requested, now it’s finally here. Our best selling drum break series Vinyl Breaks bundled up and available at a steep discount of over 50%. Vinyl drum breaks are THE go-to tool in every producers stash. They make your production sound more alive and deeper than any drum machine can do. We’ve sampled from the original vinyl onto old school samplers to preserve the sound and feel of these rare sounds.

This sample pack contains a folder with looped drum breaks in WAV format with BPM info. The other folder you find in this pack contains each drum break pre-chopped into its components, like kicks, snares, hihats, etc. All together you’ll get 300 drum break loops, 690+ hihats, 1250+ kicks and 830+ snares!

This sound pack is filled with gritty drum loops. These are very useful if you’re a producer trying to make hip-hop beats, not to mention they sound really nice! The drums are already laid out for you and loop seamlessly, all you need to do is add some other musical elements to it and you’ve got a track! But of course you can sample certain drums or noises with Pro Tools or Adobe Audition too. If you’re looking for free fruity loops sounds or drum loops, these are definitely a must have. You can easily import them into any digital audio workstation such as FL Studio.

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