World Percussion Kit


For this pack, we’ve sampled the world percussion presets of the legendary Korg Triton workstation, the same keyboard that Timbaland regularly used in his own ethnic flavored beats!

This pack contains over 300 world percussion samples, which are ready to be dropped into your project. The percussion instruments included are: Agogo Bells, Berimbau, Cabasa, Cajon, Shaker, Chime, Congas, Blocks, Djembe, Doumbek, Ganko, Guiro, Nubella and Pandeiro. Each instrument was sampled in multiple variations, so you can create really organic patterns and are not limited to triggering the same sample all the time.

In addition to the drum samples, we’ve included popular percussion rhthyms in midi format, so you not only get the diverse percussion sounds from all around, but you can also inject some authentic feel into your beats. Here’s an example how you can spice up a simple drum loop by gradually adding the percussion samples and midi patterns provided in this sample pack:

World Percussion Samples $19 USD

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