Quickly Quickly Type Beat

If you are into lo-fi hip hop, then you probably ran across this kid called Quickly Quickly. This young Portland-based producer has created a dynamic brand of lo-fi hip-hop perfect for rainy days, quiet moments and reflection. His sound design captivates and often takes you by surprise, with abrupt shifts in volume and glitchy textures that drop in and out of the rich musical canvas his beats create. Here’s quick tutorial breaking down some of the elements in a Quickly Quickly type beat.

I dig his sound, so check it out and see if you want to add anything of this to your arsenal. While the info in the video is on point and funny, it’s not in-depth. You wil need to pause at various points to copy midi to you piano roll. Also be aware of volume jumps, because the guy who made it thought it’s funny to play with the recording volume especially in the beginning between 0:13 and 0:46…


So what makes a Quickly Quickly type beat?

  • Lay down some jazzy piano chord progression and add a jazz melody. Midi packs are your friend here, but make sure you stay in key!
  • A groovy syncopated bass guitar pattern that carries the track and fills out the low end
  • A simple chill drum pattern with lots of space to let the music breath.
  • On top a straight forward 8th note high hat pattern is enough.
  • To keep things interesting add a sampled drum fill every 8 bars,
  • A cool FX sample or random voice sample to spice things up in the chorus or breakdown.

There you go! This wasn’t a deep dive tutorial by any means, but it doesn’t take much to recreate the feel of a quickly quickly type beat.

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