Regrader Lo-Fi Delay VST Plugin

Free plugin which delivers a retro-inspired, degraded, digital delay signal.

Regrader is a free lo-fi delay VST effect for PC and Mac, which offers multiple audio-degrading modules and gets you really interesting lo-fi effects.

In terms of modules, you have a lot to choose from. At the core you have echoes with controls of delay time, feedback and a mix knob for the dry & wet amount as well as a resonant low-pass filter, which can be modulated. For more unique controls, you get Gravel and Warble which control the stereo and pitch modulation, where as Horror utilizes a bit crusher to distort the feedback signal.

The vintage DOS inspired user interface matches the sonic qualities perfectly and is laid out well with all control parameters clearly labeled and accessible. Something lo-fi producers surely will appreciate. While the sound is what ultimately matters, enjoying the look of the plugin and getting inspired when producing lo-fi music is certainly important as well.

Free Lo-Fi Delay VST

If you’re a fan of creative lo-fi inspired effects, then this one is definitely for you. Commercial plugins might cover more ground, but Regrader excels at one specific job. You get an excellent retro inspired digital delay, which degrades your signal.

You can download Regrader from the developers website we linked below. It comes packed in a ZIP archive. The effect is compatible with all VST and VST3 plugin hosts on Windows and MacOS (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported).

The Regrader Lo-Fi Delay VST Plugin is available as free download from Igorski’s website.
(10MB download size, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows & MacOS).

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