Retro Samples

A vast repository of high-quality samples of low-quality sounds.

546 free degraded retro samples. Download.

Confused? Think Atari, Casio, Commodore 64, Nintendo, Sega, Dr Who (version 1) and Speak & Spell. It’s a combination of brutal harshness and delicate pathos that only 8-bit audio can bring. The retro samples collection also features some more contemporary flavours, albeit rammed through all manner of corrosive hardware and plug-ins. The samples are split into six folders, each of which contains a construction kit of samples (some also include a demo loop so that you can hear what you’re getting into). As well as loops, each kit also contains hits and multisamples.

223 free retro video game samples. Download.

As a child, SampleRadar spent more time than it cares to recall thumbing its Game Boy and loitering in the local arcade. It’s with a degree of sentimentality, then, that it approaches this week’s collection of retro video game sounds. Created using a bevy of hardware and software synths and effects, this is just the sample set you need if you want to create a chiptune opus or give your productions a hint of that 8-bit flavour. The samples are split into three folders: Beats, FX and Loops. Each contains sounds of that particular variety.

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