Tony Seltzer Rhythm Roulette

When you hear “Hey Tony!” drops at the start of a Soundcloud joint, you know that beat is going to be some hot fire. For this week’s Rhythm Roulette, we brought in Tony Seltzer, the producer behind some of the most banging songs in underground rap. For this Rhythm Roulette, Seltzer switched the game up by sampling random VHS tapes instead of records. What he comes up with is absolutely incredible.

Tony Seltzer is based in Brooklyn, New York and is the main DJ of the group Jaguar Pyramids, featuring New York rappers Topprraaa and Czarquan. He has also blessed other tracks made by Wiki, Secret Circle and Gloss Gang. His new mixtape, Remember the Memories, drops June 6 on Letter Racer and the cassette tape can be preordered here.

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