Rhythm Roulette w/ Brasstracks

Simply put, Brasstracks is “HORNS SYNTHS DRUMS.” The duo composed of Ivan (trumpet) and Conor (drums) have been taking dance music to new heights by mixing in analog instruments. The punchy jams give you a full live experience right through your headphones. That’s why it’s no surprise that they were a part of Chance’s Coloring Book by producing “No Problem.”

When we took them to Norman’s Sound & Vision in Williamsburg, they ended up with Gene McDaniels’ 100 Lbs. of Clay!, The 5th Dimension Live!!, and Jack Ü’s self-titled album. After they find their initial loop with 5th Dimension’s “I Just Want To Be Your Friend,” they quickly get to work and bring their idea to life. Then a slow piano progression on Gene’s record catches their ears for another beat. No love for Jack Ü this time around.

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