ESTA From The Soulection Fam On Rhythm Roulette

The Southern California producer make it happen

The Soulection brand really evolved into something big in the last couple of years. While their roster is pretty large and impressive, Esta is definitely one of the heavyweights of the gang. A little visit on his Bandcamp or Soundcloud page and you’ll see how his remixes and original beats hit you right in the heart.

Another proof of that is on this edition of Rhythm Roulette. After passing by “Record Surplus” in LA to grab three random records, we head to the studio to watch Esta’s at work. Making sure he goes through every record, he finish up using a perfect string loop on Robert Yanes’ Disco de Oro album. From there, multiple layers of melodies and drums are added, but you should press play and witness the magic for yourself!

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