Rhythm Roulette Welcome Multi-talented Melo-X

He proves that he can flip anything into a piece of art

If you think Melo-X is an underground producer with not much work under his name than think again! First, he is a multi-talented artist with mad skills in visual art. He also had the chance to work with none other than Beyonce on her latest “Lemonade” album and for the tour following. Combine that with the fact that he is not afraid of pushing boundaries when it’s time to release music of his own (Check his Bandcamp or Soundcloud), and you have a part of the crazy “Melo-X” resume!

For this edition of Rhythm Roulette, the vinyls are randomly selected from JW Records in Brooklyn. He ends up with a selection perfect for him, eclectic and not your usual soul record. He finally finds the way to chops the Marmalade riddim, the St. Michael’s Cathedral’s choir from Boston, and the Kitchner record into three marvelous pieces of art. Press play and be impressed!

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