Rhythm Roulette With The Legend, Salaam Remi

Using the MPC for the first time in a while

The résumé of Salaam Remi is pretty incredible, finding a way to create music for pop artists and respected rappers without compromising his sound. The long list of people he worked with includes Nas and the Fugees as well as Fergie and Nelly Furtado just to name a few… you get the idea! He also produced a big part of the discography by the celebrated soul singer Amy Winehouse. So yeah, give the man some respect!

After passing by A-1 Records, Salaam ends up with albums from George Faith, Danny La Rue, and The Who. He finally uses a track from the Mr. Faith LP, a Jamaican reggae singer, and chop it up in the MPC. After adding a couple of samples from the other records and a little excursion into Pro Tools, you got a fresh new beat from the main man. Check it out!

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