Sporting Life changes the format of Rhythm Roulette

He sampled cassette tapes instead of vinyl and creates a banger!

An old box of cassette tapes, that’s what Sporting Life decides to pick from for his appearance on this edition of Rhythm Roulette. Switching things up from the usual “three random records” format, he still finds a way to produce an hi-energy banger out of those leftover tapes from the Chinatown area. Watch him use everything he has under his hands to put together this memorable sonic gem!

Sporting Life is a member of the rap group trio turn duo RATKING with rapper Wiki, a band form in 2011 with original member Hak. They ended up releasing their first official project with British label XL Recordings in 2012. Since then, they have let loose two other projects, 2014 “So it goes” on HXC and 2015 self-released “700-Fill”.

It’s in 2015 that Sporting tried the solo route when he made available the remarkable “55 5’s” on R & S Records. The instrumental album is a leftfield musical voyage that deserves a lot more attention than what it had received. Full of hard drums and splendid melodies, the project is captivating and the 40 minutes fly by so fast, you end up going back to the first song when it’s over.

The dope beatmaker didn’t fall asleep in 2015, dropping three EP’s titled “Slam Dunk”, all available on his Bandcamp page. The most recent release is the aptly named “City of Guards” (he is a basketball and sports lover as his name and the video clip for the song Badd demonstrate) and you can get it for only three little dollars if you’re curious to hear the evolution of his sound over the years.

Connect with him on twitter and facebook and stay awake for more music coming in the near future.

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