The Veteran 45 King on Rhythm Roulette

He uses all three records in an unconventional way

I don’t know anybody in the world who is not familiar with “The 900 Number” beat. It might be from DJ Kool “Let me clear my throat” or “Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked)” by Chad Jackson, but at the end of the day, it’s all because of “The 45 King” party starter beat from ’87. You can add “It’s a hard knock life” by Jay-Z or “Stan” by Eminem and you have a good idea how classic some of his beats are.

With that being said, we meet him at “Scotti’s Record Shops”, where he randomly pick Courtney Pine’s “Journey to the Urge Within”, Weather Report’s “Mysterious Traveller”, and Sonny & Brownie’s self-titled album. After complaining that the first record would probably be bad because of the 1985 release date, he finally uses it as the main sample for his beat. The other two records are also getting utilize, but in a way we haven’t seen before on Rhythm Roulette. Let’s find out!

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