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Rich Evolving Pads Palette VST

Rich, Evolving Pads with Flintpope’s Palette VST

Palette is a VST/AU for creating and playing rich, evolving pads on Mac and Windows platforms.

Inspired by the look of a paintbox there are eight coloured rectangles. Each one is a trigger for a sample. The colour changes to red to let you know which ones are in use.There are eight Flintpope samples, all chosen for sonic richness, depth and atmosphere. Any one sample on its own is a fine pad, but you can go on to mix different combinations of sounds to create up to 64 different variations.

Controls of Evolving Pads

Palette comes with a bunch of controls which let you shape the samples into something you can work with:

  • Each pad has a dedicated Gain and Pan dial.
  • Master controls are Attack, Release and Master Volume.
  • There is an LFO with separate controls for Rate, Depth, Waveform, Destination and Source (try Expression as a Destination for peculiar results).
  • There is a three-option Voice Mode with a Glide dial for mono and legato settings.
  • There is a two-option Filter with Cutoff dial.
  • Finally there are three FX: Vinyl, Reverb and Pitch-shift.

The download zip contains separate versions depending on which system you use. Just use the right one! This is a FREE instrument but you may consider offering a donation towards the cost of making it by NOT putting a zero in the price box.

Download Palette by Flintpope