RJD2 Sample Techniques

Esteemed music producer, songwriter, and DJ Ramble John Krohn, better known as RJD2 stopped by Dubspot NYC for a free music production workshop with an emphasis on sample-based beat composition. Ready to learn about RJD2 sample techniques?

RJ talks about his early days as a music fan and record collector, getting into the world of DJing and music production in the mid 1990s, primarily using vinyl as sample sources and looping, slicing and recording on MPC samplers. He talked about his creative workflow and how he chooses and manipulates samples, offering invaluable music production tips and tricks. Furthermore, RJD2 talked about producing his latest album Abandoned Lullaby, a collaboration with Philadelphia-based musician Aaron Livingston under the name Icebird came out the same day as the workshop on his very own RJ’s Electrical Connections label. He talked about making DJ-oriented live shows interesting for himself (as a performer) for the audience; from building special electronics to incorporating MIDI and using four turntables and two mixers side by side. We’ve also include footage from the album release party and show at Brooklyn Bowl.

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