Room Piano VST

It seems like you can never have enough Piano VSTs. The piano is very much a comfort instrument for us – the clean, well defined sound really brings chord progressions to life and I use a piano to lay down the basic structure of my songs, before heading into sound design territory. Next to the guitar it’s the best composing tool around! With the Room Piano VST you get a beautiful sounding piano for free! Here’s the link to download.

It used to be the case, that you only have soulless piano sounds in the computer. But these days I actually love plugging in my MIDI controller, load up a well sampled piano VST and get to work. There’s so many different sounding niche pianos available, it’s almost hard to pick which piano flavour you want to play at any given day. And if you want an expertly recorded piano, there’s always the lavish sampled libraries like the Grand V in Arturia’s value-packed V Collection.

The Room Piano VST is nothing like the above mentioned though. You don’t have many choices or a bunch of reverb settings. This one has a particular sound! It’s intimate – in a good way! Great for dreamy Lo-Fi beats and ambient productions for sure! It also comes in at a merely 60mb, so there’s always room to have it loaded up in your default DAW template.

Only gripe I have is that the Room Piano VST is Windows-only. Since my laptop is a Mac, I don’t have access to it on the go, but on the second studio computer it gets some use, whenever I need a vibey, comfy piano sound!


1 lightweight piano sound (60 MB)
Amplitude ADSR
Highpass/Lowpass filter
Room reverb
64-bit VST plugin instrument for Windows 8.1/10

The Room Piano VST is free – you just have to give them your email. And since it’s on Gumroad, it will be automatically be added to your account if you’ve bought on there before. Click here to download!


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