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Rubber Band Box Kontakt Library

Rubber Band Box

I love finding samples that throw people off. Mostly it’s the texture of the instruments in the sample, maybe it has that lo-fi feel to it – also something organic is always great. A few days ago I stumbled upon this tiny Rubber Band Box Kontakt library with recordings of rubberbands stretched across an old box of cigars. This sounds cool as hell already, right? Well, maybe that’s probably why the sounds instantly hit a chord with me.

Rubber Band Box for Kontakt

This Kontakt library was created by MODWHEEL’S Steve Roche. Created using a cigar box, 4 rubber bands, a bridge and pick up. While the rubber band box has proven itself to be a versatile live instrument, it is now an even more versatile chromatic virtual instrument for use in Kontakt. The library includes 5 Kontakt patches. You’ll get a bass, tabla and timpani sounding instruments to synth sounding pads and leads. The patches all feature delay, reverb and distortion controls.

To download visit the Modwheel website.

In conclusion:

  • 5 Kontakt patches with 8 round robins
  • 24bit 96kHz Multisamples
  • 150MB Core Library
  • Note: Requires Full Version Kontakt 5.6 or higher (not compatible with free Kontakt player)