Rusty Fender Rhodes

The Fender Rhodes is one of the most well known electric keyboards of all time. Invented by Harold Rhodes, it became particularly popular throughout the 1970s. Like a piano, it generates sound using keys and hammers, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which are then amplified via an electromagnetic pickup which is plugged into an external keyboard amplifier and speaker.

Unfortunately adding one to your collection will set you back a pretty penny. What’s more is that lugging one around to the gig is another nuisance many of us would rather do without. Luckily AfroDJMac has the solution for you, the Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack! This free Ableton Live pack will get you that classic Rhodes sound conveniently inside your laptop computer.

Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack: DOWNLOAD

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