Safari Instruments (Ableton Pack)

Emile Hoogenhout created a cool little Ableton Pack consisting of four East African safari instruments:

  1. The Adungu. A nine-string arched (bow) harp of the Alur people of northwestern Uganda. It is very similar to the tumi harp of the neighbouring Kebu people.
  2. The Zeze. A stringed instrument from Sub-Saharan Africa, also known by the names Tzetze and Dzendze, and in Madagascar is called Lokanga Voatavo or Lokango Voatavo.
  3. The Endere. A flute of the Baganda people, the Omukuri of the Banyankore and the Bakiga people, the Akalere of the Basoga Iteso people.
  4. The Ohangla drums. Consists of more than eight drums hit by a stick and a cylindrical shoulder slung drum played normally to the accompaniment of flute, Nyatiti or kinanda.

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