Samplr iPad App

Samplr – Touch Your Music

Even tough it hasn’t been updated for a long time, Samplr (App Store Link) is still one of my all-time favourite iPad music making apps. It’s simple to use, yet there’s depth.

Samplr allows you to make music and play with sound in a new and intuitive way by touching the waveform on the screen with your fingers. Explore the sounds melody and texture using the different play modes and create your music compositions with the gesture recorder.

With an interface designed for live performance, Samplr gives the musician quick and precise access to all the instrument functionality at any time. Unlike other apps that try to recreate real life instruments or interaction concepts from traditional computers Samplr was designed from the very beginning for Multi-Touch devices.

Here’s a little video tutorial by the awesome Cuckoo:

Get it from the App Store.

“I absolutely love this – This is a wonderful app for playing and manipulating samples. It’s a great user interface. It is fun, powerful, unique and the developer is committed to delivering all the elements that put it on top! Bravo and a job well done.” – Jordan Rudess