Selling Beats the Wrong Way

In this recent video, multi-platinum producer DJ Pain 1 touches on a few common mistakes practices used by people selling beats today. In his signature dry, honest tone, he talks about often receiving emails from other producers asking him to buy their beats. Now why would a multi-platinum producer buy beats from other beatmakers? Well Pain asked one person straight up, and the answer was shocking…

“I didn’t know you were one. I could care less you are really, I just copied emails from a mass email on twitter…”

What this person thinks is marketing, is actually no marketing at all. It’s being stupid. First up it’s illegal to add people to your mailing list without permission. More importantly marketing doesn’t mean shouting from the rooftop and hoping someone in the world hears it… Who are you targeting? Surely you don’t think other producers will by your beats?

The tactics might still be confusing to you – when to use facebook advertising, how to tag youtube videos, giveaways. But to be honest most of it is common sense. It’s not really inexperience or lack of information (you can find info on everything online these days), it’s the believe that in todays world “anything goes”.

But producers are just like small businesses. There’s resources out there on how to market. Don’t fall for “by any means necessary” and be smart about it – read about marketing, learn it, practice it.

Thousands are tweeting Soundcloud links all day long. Have a guess how many of them made it in the music business? The truth is none of them. So why do you copy their so called “marketing” then?

Here’s the full rant from DJ Pain 1:

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