Setting Up Your FL Studio

Ok so you’ve got your copy of FL Studio now the next step is setting up your FL Studio. Basically you will be sitting infront of your PC for extended periods of time so you need a few things….

1. Comfortable Seat
If your still sitting on an old milk crate than I suggest you upgrade to something slightly more comfortable so that you don’t get those marks on your bum. Try looking for a desk chair because when you go nuts from hearing the same sounds looping over and over you can lean back, spin around or push yourself across the room to try and distract yourself from the frustration.

2. Desk
Try and find a desk which has multi levels. Either that or grab a heap of old phonebooks (who uses them these days anyway?!) and make sure your monitor is at eye level and your speakers are at ear level. Important so you don’t end up hunched over like an ape..

3. Quiet Location
Nothing is more frustrating than being interrupted while discovering the best sound or perfect riff. If you have a separate shed from the house away from people than that would be your ideal place for a studio. Anywhere away from people!

4. Monitor Speakers/ Headphones
Grab your HiFi system right now and throw it out the window. It is useless and you will save many years if you start out with a decent monitor speaker system. Near Field Monitors (NFM) is what you want. Now set them up so that the woofers are at ear level using phone books as explained in step 2. Also set them equal distance apart and so that they make a triangle with your head being the third point of the triangle.

5. Multiple LCD Monitors
Fl Studio supports split screen monitors no problem. So get as many as your PC can support and make a wall of monitors. It can help to see your whole project at once without flicking from screen to screen all the time. Also if you suck at making music you can at least impress your friends by clicking and dragging things around on the screen.

6. Keyboard
Get a midi keyboard. This is probably the most use full thing you will ever use with FL Studio. Trying to come up with riffs on a PC keyboard is like trying to open a can with your teeth – it’s useless. So save yourself some time and get a midi keyboard and start banging out some wild riffs.

With these things, you should be done setting up your FL Studio.

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