Shure SE535 Review

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If you need complete silence with music to focus on something you are doing or just to relax, a good-quality earphone is a must. Whether it’s for exercise, work or sitting idle in traffic, you should be able to listen to beats with all other noises blocked out. Find out in this Shure SE535 review if these earphones are up for the challenge and can be considered the best in-ear noise isolating earphones on the block.

Shure SE535 in a Nutshell

To jump the gun a bit: The Shure SE535 does exactly that. With its sound isolating and high-definition MicroDrivers, it not only provides you with a noise-free listening space but also excellent sound. Let’s quickly check why these earphones are special:

  • Triple high-definition drivers deliver spacious sound and rich bass in a convenient and portable package.
  • Detachable cable system for long-term device compatibility, upgrades, and ease of maintenance.
  • Sound Isolating design blocks up to 37 dB of outside noise.
  • Secure, over-the-ear configuration keeps earphones in place and cables out of the way for unmatched comfort.
  • Convert them to wireless with the new bluetooth-enabled cable, which is sold separately.

Shure SE535 Closeup

What You Get!

What would a Shure SE535 review be without checking out what comes in the package of these great (and pretty expensive) set of earphones. It’s more like a package that allows you to have completely customized earphones and includes:

  1. The actual earphone with a detachable cable.
  2. Sound isolating sleeves that allow you to find the perfect fit for your ear.
  3. A gold-plated 1/8” adapter as an input connector.
  4. A level attenuator with volume control to reduce the level of incoming signals.
  5. Airline adapter to use it comfortably on airplanes as well.
  6. Finally, a nice oval carrying case to carry all these things.

You can see how all these things look here.

Shure SE535 Review Conclusion

So what’s the final verdict for this Shure SE535 review? Aside from the ergonomic, professional and stylish design, there’s a few things that make these a winner in my books. First of all they are lightweight. Nothing is more uncomfortable than overly heavy headphones. The SE535 also stay snug on your ears, because the clever over the ear configuration. I like this much better than the traditional fit. Lastly the sound isolation is great, even though it can’t compete with active noise cancelling like in the Bose QuietComfort that I use on my commutes.

For me the Shure SE535 are easily the best in-ear noise isolating earphones. There’s times when I don’t want to put on my headphones, for example when doing sports or when it’s a boiling hot summer day. For these situations, the SE535 earphones are perfect. They even have very good bass response for their tiny size! As always – ultimately it all comes down to your preference, but good earphones are expensive, so it’s great to know that Shure is quite well-known for offering a solid warranty and sticking to it.

I hope you found enough information to figure out if you like these earphones or not. We’ll be back soon with new reviews, but that’s all for now. Peace!

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snug on your ears
sound isolation is great
expensive for earphones

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