Slicr is the World’s First Visual Waveform Drum Pad + Beat Maker for iPad and iPhone. Turn your iOS device into a professional sample slicing & chopping, beat making & music production tool! Slice, Sample & Remix your song library, DJ, Compose, & Share your creations! Download here.

Slicr is the first drum machine sampler to feature a Wave View, which allows you to easily distinguish sounds on pads and read waveforms. Slicr includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, including 4 banks of sample & slices, built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences, loops and record beats.

Collect more than 600 free high-quality, professionally recorded samples of knocking drums, luscious synths, smooth bass and 808s for Electronic, Trap & Hip-Hop from renowned DJs / Producers like MR. CARMACK and DECAP or import sounds from your iTunes Library & Dropbox.

Use up to three slicing modes to repurpose your music library and your own custom sample collection for remixes and sample chopped beats. Combine your chops with Slicr Sounds and you’re ready to make beats like Kanye!

  • Region Slice Mode – chop a sample into equally sized slices.
  • Auto Slice Mode – detect and intelligently position slice points within a sample.
  • Manual Mode – swipe to place slice markers directly on the waveform.

Utilize your iTunes Library and Dropbox of songs for remixing! Import songs from your iTunes Library, Dropbox, Slicr sound packs, and your own “.wav” samples to the “CRATE”. Then collect and edit snippets of songs for reuse in sample based beats, remixes and mashups.

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