Reactable Drum Machine

SNAP – Reactable Drum Machine

From music producers to casual users, SNAP is a Reactable Drum Machine that will help you create great drum patterns in any musical style, on the fly, with your fingertips.

SNAP can also help you in the studio, by providing seamless variations of your patterns, under your complete interactive control. Program or load drum patterns, store your favorite variations, and export them to your DAW, all on a continuous and free-flowing loop/fashion.

This Reactable Drum Machine is also a powerful tool for your live sessions, providing you with subtle or radical changes, from sudden drops to ecstatic crescendos, all fully and instantaneously controllable under your fingertips.

Motion control is the first step towards a whole new dimension of control for your drums; you can use your iPhone to trigger the snapshots of your session.
There are four distinct gestures, identified using the latest in machine learning technology, which enable you to jump seamlessly between snapshots with your movements.

You can also use the gestures done using your iPhone, to control a remote instance of the Reactable Drum Machine running on an iPad that is connected to the same wireless network for an interactive, multi-device musical performance.

SNAP can communicate with your music apps, drum machines, DAWs and other musical equipment via MIDI OUT and Ableton Link. SNAP’s full integration with Native Instrument’s Maschine Jam, allows it to communicate bidirectionally to become its “drumming brain”. Compatibility with other control devices will be rolled-out progressively.