SP-303 Vinyl Sim Ableton Rack

The SP-303 Vinyl Sim is a free emulation of the Vinyl Sim effect on the SP303 made by Kwazi. There is actually a bit more control with this Ableton Rack than on the original device. It is compatible with Ableton Live 9 and uses stock plugins. With this rack you are able to get really gritty and grimey if needed, but also to still use it as a relatively clean compression tool that applies some HF filtering. Here’s a list of all the macro controls:

  • LoPass: cuts high frequencies from original signal
  • CompAttack: adjusts attack time of the first compressor
  • Comp Release: adjusts release time of the first compressor
  • Bit Depth: Affects the bit depth (or resolution) of the signal
  • Gain To Redux: If you send a higher gain signal into Redux while the bit rate is lower, you will likely result with a lot of unwanted screeching and speaker-damaging noise (TRY IT! – turn your speakers down though). This tames the volume going into the Redux effect while controlling the volume that comes out, so that the volume is kept steady.
  • Crackle Volume: controls volume of the vinyl crackle applied to the signal
  • Glue Thresh: controls the threshold of the final compressor
  • Glue Gain: controls the makeup gain of the final compressor


The SP-303 Vinyl Sim Ableton Rack is a Free Download!

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