SP1200 Drums

SP1200 Drums include 24 drum hits and 8 drum loops at 88 bpm – the perfect boom bap speed. These drum samples were taken from vinyl and sampled into the legendary 12 bit sampler – the E-Mu SP1200!

The infamous “gritty” sound is due to the machine’s 26.04 kHz sampling rate, its filter chips and its 12-bit sampling resolution. This distinctive sound, often said to capture the “warmth” of vinyl recordings, has sustained demand for the SP-1200 more than thirty years after its discontinuation, despite the introduction of digital audio workstations and samplers/sequencers with far superior technical specifications.


This sample pack was put together by DJ Moar, a DJ, producer and remixer since 1993, who worked with artists like DJ Cam, Cortex, Lord Funk, Kohndo (La Cliqua), Sarsha Simone, Anais, Goodka, Raashan Ahmad, Dee Nasty, DJ Apt One, and many more. Check him out at www.moar.fr!


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