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SpaceVibe is a multi-oscillator phase distortion module with delay and rotary effects. Easily create extraordinary soundscapes with echoes from outer space. With sounds ranging from clean bell-like tones and harmonies to extremely distorted sonic mayhem SpaceVibe covers a lot of sonic territory.

Change notes by sliding and tapping your finger around the Frequency pad. Turn on the Noise Pad and add some dirt. Turn on the link switches and fine-tune the vibe effect to get that perfect sound. Presets fade into one another creating a seamless soundwall. Everything you play just fits. Hook up with other audio apps via Audiobus or Inter-App-Audio. Gravity mode keeps you playing SpaceVibe in the background while you use another virtual instrument. Turn your device like a steering wheel to change notes and rotate it towards you to vary linked effects.

SpaceVibe is very easy to play and while it requires no musical knowledge to craft huge soundscapes musicians will feel right at home with a selection of scales to choose from and the ability to easily configure arpeggio-style runs.

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