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Instruments Collection

Synths, Keys & Instruments Collection

Synth, Keys & Instruments Collection is a pack of hand-crafted samples chopped from different experimentations with synths, keyboards and FX. From sweet vintage Electric Piano chords, to multiple synth patching experimentations, glitched percussions or crazy ring modulations.

You can grab the free download here and check the previews below:

HelloSamples recorded a Paul VO Moog Guitar thru a “Universal Audio 6176″. Cutting 3dB down at 70hz because of the over-dark tonality of the guitar (you will notice the big low end!). We also have compressed a little bit. “Ratio” 4, medium “Attack” and medium “Release”. All the filter swipes were made using only the Moog Guitar’s own filter. No external processing!

Hunger Moon is an ambient piano and synth improvisation, recorded by Chris Stack near the Hunger Moon. Background “hunger growls” are Moog Little Phatty through a Moog MF-102 Ring Mod. Piano is a Yamaha MO8. In Navigational Stars, the percussion and part of the synth stuff is an arpeggio on the Yamaha MO8.It is run through two Moog MF-101s… one on the left and one on the right channel. There is also a Korg MicroX arpeggio also run through a MF-101. And… a Little Phatty arpeggio. The lead is a Moog Voyager.

Here are some Roger’s sax samples recorded with an AKG Solid Tube microphone and an Avalon 737 preamp.
Slightly compressed with an Universal Audio 1176. Also, we sent into a Moog’s Voyager internal filter (LP well filtered, Square LFO, Space knob turned quarter to the left…) and routed again thru a Roland RE-201 Space Echo. 50% of reverb and a touch of delay… Finally we put this trhu a Moogerfooger M.U.R.F. to make you feel like floating on space!!!

Tim Khan is a an ambient and field recording lover. he usually records any interesting sound that he finds on his journey thru life… He also loves to play his old Electric Piano and he has some synths and software to work with. Tools with which he elaborates incredible drone sounds… Tim loves the magic found when working without saving any of the work other than the sound… That forces him to try new, or at least, subtly different things every time.

Finally, some little chords of an Electric Piano played thru an EHX Wiggler Valve Tremolo, and a subtle touch of Roland RE201 Space Echo. Recorded with an Universal Audio 6176 Preamp. Very subtle compression too. Also, there are some single notes played at the same scale the chords were played. So you can easily have fun with this little kit!

Compatible with: MASCHINE 1.8, MASCHINE 2.02, ABLETON LIVE 8, MPC 1000/2500 original OS and JJ OS, WAV files in 24 bits 44.100 (16 bits for MPC)