dj paul sound kit

DJ Paul from Memphis, Tennessee is a founding member of hip-hop supergroup Three 6 Mafia. He started his career in the late 80s as a DJ as well as three collaboration albums with Lord Infamous. When Juicy J was joined forces, the three founded the group Three 6 Mafia, going on to achieve national success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There is no official DJ Paul Sound Kit out, but his sound inspired many hits and kits.

And don’t forget, DJ Paul and the rest of Three 6 Mafia are often cited as the originators of the crunk style of music. Aside from the music, he has his hands in a fashion wear line, a collection of BBQ seasonings and a legal version of the drink Sizzurp.

Sound Kits

Three 6 Mafia Sound Kit

Three 6 Mafia Sound kit is a powerful hip-hop sound kit combined with hard hitting kicks, 808 snares, 808 hi-hats…

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