download sound kit

Sample Packs are essential and you can find them everywhere online. Unfortunaltey a large part of them are crap. Over the years we have collected the best packs and put them to show on your site. And for all you frugal producers – most of them are free.

The packs vary a lot, but often they provide you with analog sweetness, that the stock sounds from your DAW can’t deliver. The days when you had to decide whether to buy food or rather a TR-808 are over.

Musicians are only as good as their tools, so what are you waiting for. Your first order of today should be: download sound kit from this site!

Now that you’ve beefed up your production tools, do not forget to use them. And tell us your favorite amongst our sample packs. Also we are always looking for new, fresh samples! Because no toolbox is ever too big.

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