vocal chants

Not only in Trap music have vocal chants found a resurgence in popularity! In everything from pop music to indie, you hear these vocal stabs and each genre treats them differnetly in the arrangement.

Traditionally a lot of the vocal chants are cut out of old funk, reggae or house records. But with the continued popularity, sample pack producers have started getting into recording special nice female vocal samples and more.

You can use them as is, but the fun starts if you start time stretching, warping and pitching the vocal chants. Chop the very end of a vocal and adding long, lush reverbs to create a synthetic-like pad. Add some distortion to bring out even more of those hidden harmonics and finish it off with some reverb to smooth it out and add some extra width.

Get weird and creative. Put vocals through processes that you wouldn’t think of using for a vocal. No rules!”


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