The Best FL Studio Sites on the Internet

Today I am going to share some of the top rated fruity loops sites with you. All of these Best FL Studio Sites have contributed in one way or another to my Fruity Loops knowledge.

I first started out FLooping back in high school around 1999 if I remember correctly. My friend Nige showed me this program called Fruity Loops on his Pentium II with windows 98. I was like oh my god I need that program so I can make sick beats, quit school and make music full time! So I got him to copy it onto 3 1/2inch floppy disk and I went home and installed it on my Intel Celeron 333mhz and played around.

I remember making my first beat with the default drums in the step sequencer, I was an instant producer. Everything sounded so sweet and best of all I had made it myself. Everything was going so well and I was ready to quit school and be a full time producer. Until of course I realised that my music completely sucked and that the default drums sounded extremely crap! (If you still have this same problem of crappy default drums try reading my post Distortion Demo in Fruity Loops, it may help out.)

Anyway enough of my life story and onto the list of best FL Studio sites that helped me to where I am today:

Enjoy these links, there should be enough to keep you busy for a while!

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