The Low End 808 Bass Kit

Looking for Huge 808 Basses that Rattle Your Subs?

A pack of 48 hand crafted 808 bass sounds. These are already perfectly processed, EQ’d, compressed and transient shaped. So you get great sounding 808s without touching a knob. We covered a variety of sounds in this 808 Bass Kit, so you don’t have to bounce around your sample packs trying to find the perfect 808 for the track you’re working on!

The source of the sound is analog gear like the Arturia Minibrute as well as digital plugins like NI Massive. The samples were then run through different outboard gear, but different to most other 808 products, these ones are not heavily colored and can be used in all types of genres, not just trap / hip hop beats.

All of our products feature a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll refund you within 24 hours. This helps us create a better product and helps you stay happy 🙂

The Low End 808 Bass Kit $17 USD


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