The Mono Junction Synth (Ableton)

Presented in partnership with Sonicstate, the Mono Junction synth allows you to create searing leads, cutting basses and resonant sequences. The Mono Junction can take your tone into new sonic territories. Featuring a novel NegSawPW waveshape, extended pulse width modulation sounds are easily created. Two saw waves are offset one by half cycle and subtracted from each other. This results in PWM style sounds not possible with conventional means via phase shift and frequency ratio controls. These allow you to create extreme PWM and detuned sounds.

Mono Junction Synth (Ableton): DOWNLOAD

The Mono Junction features a state variable filter with a myriad of controls. Using filtering, you can remove frequencies fed from the raw harmonics of the oscillator in a technique akin to sculpture. The filter has controls that allow for a myriad of timbre shaping possibilities.


  • Resonant state variable filter with eight responses
  • Modelled on classic hardware
  • TB303: Diode 18dB lowpass
  • Mini Moog Model D: Transistor 24db lowpass
  • Lowpass, highpass and bandpass at 12dB and 24dB
  • Filter key tracking
  • Modulation via dedicated LFO or Envelope


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