The Pandemic is a perfect time to learn to play the Violin

With the ongoing pandemic, experts have pleaded with us to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Most of us have spent a lot of time in front of our screens, streaming movies, visiting social networking platforms, watching videos on YouTube, etc. However, instead of lazing about all day, lots of people have decided to make the most of this free time that we have on their hands, and do something productive, like learning a new skill.

Many of us have dreamed about being able to play a musical instrument. Some have pictured themselves on stage playing the electric guitar in front of thousands of fans, some have dreamt of playing the saxophone in a jazz club in New York and many others have dreams about being able to play the most important instrument in Western classical music, the violin.

The pandemic has not been easy for most of us, so learning how to play a musical instrument during these hard times can help you physically and mentally.

As history tells us, pandemics don’t last forever, so how fantastic would it be when the world gets a grip on the virus, that you have a new talent to show off to your friends and family!

Violin Online Classes

We have all seen during the pandemic schools closing and physical classes forced to cancel. To help stop people from getting infected with the virus, teachers have used the world wide web to help educate their students. Here are a few options of how you can learn how to play the violin online:

  • YouTube: The streaming service has a long list of violin teachers and channels to help you learn the string instrument. If you like one of the teachers you can subscribe to their channels so you get constant updates when they publish new content. Learning on YouTube gives you the chance to learn when you want which can really benefit new violin students as they can go at their own pace. Plus, violin lessons on YouTube are completely free!
  • Private Lessons Online: Companies like the LVL Music Academy offer students, online classes, from beginners to advanced violin players. These experienced professional teachers can help you understand how to get the best out of your violin skills from the comfort of your own home. Reputable companies like this one have produced some very talented violin players.
  • Apps: The Apple Store and Google Play have a wide array of applications that you can download onto your smart device to help you learn how to play the violin. Some of the apps are free to download, while others you have to pay a small fee.

There is also an abundance of websites online that can help you develop the skills required to play the violin.

You can Easily buy an Instrument during the Pandemic

The pandemic would be a lot more difficult without the modern technology we have available to us today. School lessons, communicating with others, and working from home would almost be impossible. Shopping online has become a very popular choice for most of us during these tough times. Plenty of music shops have been pushing the sales of their instruments during the pandemic because they understand people are at home and it is a great opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.

Promotions are very common at the moment in music stores. You don’t even have to leave the house as they will deliver the violin directly to your door.

Unfortunately, most countries’ economies have been badly damaged during the pandemic, so lots of people are out of work. To make some money during these hard times a lot of people have been forced to sell their instruments online. You can easily find a decent second-hand violin in these online stores for a fraction of the price of a new one.

Playing the Violin is much more than just creating nice Music

The most common reason somebody learns how to play the violin is to be able to create a nice melody. Many are unaware of the physical and psychological benefits there are in learning how to play this instrument such as:

  • Improves fine motor skills: Like sports, learning how to play the violin requires good hand-eye coordination. At the start when you are learning, you might find this very difficult, however as time goes by you will improve. It is vital that children improve their fine motor skills and learning the violin is a fantastic opportunity to help them. Children who constantly use smartphones often struggle with their motor skills which can lead to difficulties holding objects and language problems.
  • Helps you concentrate: Most of us will struggle to learn the violin at the early stages, and if you want to improve, you will need to use your brain. Staying focused and being able to memorize different chords is a vital part of being able to play the violin. Timing and technique are also crucial, so you will need your full concentration.
  • Discipline: Good musicians spend long hours learning how to play. Anyone who has ever played at a high level understands the dedication and discipline that is required.

You have to be patient to learn how to play the violin. It is not the easiest instrument to master but if you stick with it, it is highly rewarding.

Violinists play to help them release Negative Emotions

The pandemic has seen a huge increase in people looking for help with their mental health. Feelings of stress and loneliness are very common, especially for those who are living alone. Having little human contact with the outside world can make it very hard for us to release negative emotions.

Playing the violin can help release hormones that can help you feel happier. Studies have proven that playing the violin is a great way to relieve stress. It also helps with depression and anxiety.

Some of the best musicians in the world find it difficult to express themselves, so they use their instruments to help them with their emotions.


Learning the violin has many social benefits. While the pandemic is still going on it might be hard to join a band or an orchestra, however, there are plenty of online communities out there with lots of violin players at all different levels willing to help each other out. When things do go back to normal, it would be a great opportunity to join a band or an orchestra and perhaps make new friends along with making new music.

The violin is a great instrument for a child to learn. It can help build their confidence if they manage to make progress learning the instrument, which is a lesson they can take into the real world as they get older. It teaches them self-discipline as they will have to spend many hours learning how to play by themselves. Children with low self-esteem can benefit from learning the violin and it can be a great way for them to make new friends.

Whatever age you are, there is no time like the present to learn how to play the violin, so why not give it a go!

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