The Tape TR-66

Goldbaby Productions has released The Tape TR-66, a free pack of samples of Roland’s TR-66 Rhythm Arranger drum machine. Now I know I posted about this before, but I figured it deserves its own post. The sample pack features:

  • 113 x 24bit samples, 7 x REX files
  • Drum sounds recorded straight into the ULN-2, on a Hitachi D-E7 Cassette deck with Dolby C on (normal level and fully saturated), on the Ampex Valve 1/2 inch 2 track tape machine (normal level and fully saturated).
  • Multiple samples of each drum sound and these can be used with Round Robin to get a more analog feel.

Check Goldbaby’s free stuff page for a link to download these and many other excellent samples.

The Tape TR-66 (13 MB): DOWNLOAD

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