Top 5 Ableton Partner Instruments We Are Most Excited About

Ableton have officially released 25 “Partner Instruments” and they are the furthest thing from disappointment. Here’s the scoop from the official Ableton website:

Exquisite instruments—custom-made for Live by our favorite sound partners. These instruments look and behave just like our own, and many are exclusive to Ableton Live. All work with Suite 8, Live 8 or Live Intro.

Here are a few (out of the 25) we are personally excited about:

1. Puremagnetik Retro Synths (EUR 59/USD 79)
The best of Puremagnetik’s catalog of classic analog and digital sound libraries, with more than 4000 samples.

Why It Rocks:

With countless Pro-Level Live Packs under their belts, Puremagnetik are no slouches when it comes to creating great sounds. These guys (and gals?) have painstakingly created multisamples directly from vintage behemoths such as the Minimoog, Roland TB-303, ARP 2600 and the Doepfer Modular.

2. Flatpack Electronik Drums (EUR 39/USD 49)
Over 500 synthetically generated drum samples, micro culture and atmospheres plus 10 rare and original drum kits.

Why It Rocks:

Enough analog drum sounds to keep booties shakin’ for years to come. Beautifully mapped out with control over individual drum hits (like we would expect less?). And as if Ableton is selling Gnisu Knives on late night TV, they throw out the “Wait! There’s more!” line, with 10 – count them – 10 classic drum machine recreations, sampled from the original unit. Yes, the 808 and 909 are there.

3. Toontrack Fibes Kit (EUR 29/USD 39)
Recorded by Morgan Agren on an old Fibes kit. A dirty, dry, vintage sound for hip-hop, alt. rock and country.

Why It Rocks:

Widen the palette of drum sounds with some dirty, beat up, vintage drum sounds. Real drums recorded by a Swede, what more can you ask for?! Could easily rival BFD for a fraction of the cost. I love to throw Saturator and Compressor on these to add even more grit!

4. Flatpack Textura (EUR 29/USD 39)
Diverse and emotive ambient textures that are otherworldly, cinematic, bizarre, peculiar, eerie, and lush.

Why It Rocks:

To cover the texture side of this well rounded list, we highly recommend Textura. Sounds that are perfect for transitions, intros, swells, you name it. Even create straight up ambient dreamscapes with just these sounds.

5. Soniccouture Synthi Aks (EUR 49/USD 59)
Raw and unstable, this library gives you horror klangs, zaps, snarling leads, basses, and fat, rubbery textures.

Why It Rocks:

We love Soniccouture because they’re not afraid to cater to the avant-garde and experimental crowd. It was hard to narrow it down to just one of their Instruments, but because of the “Jack Of All Trades” ability this one provides, we suggest start here. Twist the crazy sounds for percussive elements, or load the leads and basses for even more synth sounds to add to your arsenal.

Of course, for more information on the 25 Partner Instruments visit the official Ableton Live site.

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