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TR-909 Drum Samples

TR-909 Drum Samples

You should always have some nice clean TR-909 drum samples in your sample stash. These ones are all professionally recorded and are offered as a free download!

Sample Magic TR-909 Drum Samples. Free Download.

78 free samples from Roland‘s famous TR-909 drum machine. A staple in dance music production, this discontinued unit is very sought after and commands high prices on eBay, reverb and other second-hand marketplaces. The TR-909 Drum Samples Pack features every sound at every possible tone and pitch, each hit was painstakingly recorded through a pristine quality signal path – captured via a Prism Orpheus soundcard at 24-bit, 44.1kHz and lightly processed via a Neve 1073 pre-amp. Each sound is presented in Wav format and is free for a limited period! What’s inside? 14 snares + 1 rimshot + 1 clap, 23 toms, 3 open-hats + 3 closed-hats, 12 crashes, 16 kicks and 5 rides.

Roland TR909 Drum Samples by Melted Lime. Free Download.

The Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer is a drum machine introduced by the Roland Corporation in 1983. It was the first Roland drum machine to use samples and MIDI. Though it was a commercial failure, the 909 became influential in the development of electronic dance music such as techno, house and acid. Whereas its predecessor, the TR-808, is known for its “boomy” bass, the 909 sounds aggressive and “punchy”. It was the first Roland drum machine to use samples (prerecorded sounds), for its crash, ride and hi-hat sounds; other sounds are generated with analog synthesis. As the clap and snare are generated via the same noise source, they produce a phasing effect when played together.

Beatmatch 909 Drum Kit For Ableton Live. Free Download.

‘909 Drums’ is a powerful drum kit inspired by the Roland’s legendary drum machine. Designed natively for Ableton Live, ‘909 Drums’ is a rock solid tool that will fit right into your production pipeline. With 32 midi demo grooves included in the project you can dive deep straight away into the world of electronic music production. Project files included in ‘909 Drums’ are optimised for use with Ableton Live 8, 9 & 10.

Cassette 909.

Nice free sample pack running the iconic TR-909 drum machine through an audio cassette to get that lo-fi crunch. The drum hits recordings on Cassette 909 were done at two different gain settings – this way you get two distinct cassette saturation flavours for the same kit. The Cassette 909 download pack contains 155 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format. 71 of them are clean TR909 one shot samples, 84 of them are processed through a tape machine. UPDATE: Apparently they don’t like us sending them visitors to download their free pack. We received multiple DMCA Copyright notices and decided to delete the link…