Trance 3xOsc Presets

This kit includes over 400 free trance, dance, techno and house patches for FL Studio 3xOsc. These 3xOsc Presets were created specifically for FL Studio producers and trust us – these astonishing presets deliver big sounds. You get a variety of sounds, like arps, basses, synths, leads, plucks, sound effects, chords, keys and strings. There’s even 2 FLP project files included. This 3xOsc kit is a must-have for trance and other electronic music producers making beats with FL Studio.

3xOsc Presets: Download here.

3x Osc is a deceptively powerful 3 x Oscillator, subtractive synthesizer feeding the FL Studio Sampler. It has been used in 1,000,000s of FL Studio projects since 2000 and continues to bring bright sunny days to synthesists world wide.

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