Transient Shaper on Steroids

Carver by Noir Labs is an outrageously powerful transient shaper that lets you sculpt the envelope of your sounds. It excels at making drums super tight and punchy but works just as well on basses, synths and even vocals. Carver completely wipes the floor with equivalent VST plugins from big names like Native Instruments and iZotope and goes far beyond most transient shapers with novel parameters like control over the length of transients.

Noir Labs has just released a major update to Carver (1.1) that includes some excellent new features. There’s a transparent clipper for really milking maximum loudness from your parts. There are new stereo processing modes. There’s a new tube-style Drive mode that can be applied to the whole sound or only to the body or transient of the sound. This transient-dependent drive is really cool and definitely something I’ve never seen anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a seriously powerful transient shaper for sculpting the envelope of your sound, look no further.


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