Tutor John W from DoMyEssay Shares 6 Awesome Playlists to Help You Study Better

You’ve probably experienced the difficulty (or, more accurately, the complete absence) of true
stillness while studying. The tick of your analog clock, faint paper shuffling, and the occasional
yawns—are just some of the staples of a late-night study session. Fortunately for you, they don’t
have to be, as long as you have the best study playlist.

Attempting to compile your own playlist from the vast catalogs on Spotify and YouTube might be
intimidating. Usually, the safest bet is classical music, but you probably realize your
shortcomings when it comes to identifying composers.

Furthermore, the concept of ambient noise is appealing until you take a wrong turn and find
yourself looking up information on paranormal activities online. You could even put on the best
new song of the week, but you might end up dancing in your study room than actually getting
work done, even if you have already delegated most of your assignments to an essay writer
online from domyessay.com, a top paper writing service for college students.

Fortunately, others have already done the legwork necessary to create the best study playlists,
so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

These six study playlists, ranging from classical to instrumental and electronic to pop, will help
you focus.

1. Deep Focus playlist (Spotify)


Deep Focus is a playlist on the music streaming service Spotify that features relaxing ambient
and post-rock tunes. The playlist is a great company for long study sessions with a running time
of seven hours and 49 minutes.

Also, Spotify regularly adds new songs and rearranges the playlist, so you never have to stress
about hearing the same thing again and over.

2. An Indie/Pop/Folk Playlist by alexrainbirdMusic (YouTube)


This is an indie music playlist, as suggested by the name. If you like this style of music,
definitely consider subscribing to the uploader’s channel.

Alex Rainbird and his fiancée have been on a mission to find the best up-and-coming
independent musicians since they launched this channel in 2011. Alex and Beth upload not only
study playlists but also a wide variety of other playlist collections, including road trip playlists.

The soothing acoustic guitar melodies, pleasant vocal tunes, and harmonies in this playlist are
sure to put you in a good mood. Their channel also includes lively beats that will make you want
to get up and dance. Each track has its own unique sound while sharing common musical
elements with the others on this YouTube channel.

Even if you’re not into indie music, this YouTube playlist will keep you pumped.

3. Creativity Boost (Spotify)


While the previous playlists are ideal for prepping for tests, they may lack sufficient material for
when you’re trying to gather ideas for a paper or assignment. If you’re hunting for inspiration
when working on your essay with the best paper writing services, you might want to listen to the
Creativity Boost playlist.

This playlist, which features several songs labeled “innovative,” is best avoided when your goal
is intense concentration. Instead, use it for a short period whenever you need a break or when
you’re experiencing the frustration of writer’s block.

Listening to music will help spark your imagination so you can get back to studying faster.

4. Relaxing Bossa Nova and Jazz Music for Study (YouTube)


The Cafe Music BGM channel on YouTube consistently creates cafe music that can be used for
studying, working, relaxing, or any number of other purposes.

You will find countless jazz playlists on the channel, so there will always be something new to
listen to that could help you concentrate.

If you ever need some encouragement, head on over to the comments. You’ll really appreciate
how supportive and inspiring the community is.

5. Brain Food (Spotify)


Even though this compiled soundtrack has mesmerizing undertones, you won’t drift asleep while
studying. Instead, you can get into the zone with these instrumental versions.

If you’re having trouble keeping yourself motivated, put on this Brain Food playlist, and you’ll be surprised at
how quickly the time will fly while you’re studying.

By doing this, you’ll feel calmer and more at ease, allowing you to focus on studying for your
upcoming exam or writing your paper without stress.

6. Lofi hip hop radio beats by ChilledCow (YouTube)


This playlist is chill, smooth, and laid back, similar to most YouTube playlists here. Everyone
has seen the Lofi stereotype memes about not being productive when trying to be effective.

Most times, Lofi playlists work. The ChilledCow channel is OG of these playlists.

Each track features a consistent beat and distorted, incomprehensible vocals, making it
excellent study music.

All these add up to form a blend of wickedly cool music beats that give off a sort of surreal vibe.
You’ll love this playlist simply because it will calm you down and ease your mind so you can
focus on your work.

Take away

Depending on your music taste, you’ll find at least one playlist from this list that suits you. Music
tastes are diverse, and at the very least, one of these six playlists will be a perfect fit.

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