Using a Computer or Playing Live?

With the computer being able to do so many composites’ in this day in age, you may wonder should you play live or should you just synthesize every sound needed in the comfort of your own home? Many wonder this every day, with the computer you can make almost any instrument sound with ease and have them play at the same time. If you are considering this alternative, think about the things you can do either way. Playing live means that you can see your audience, but you can’t so much with a computer.

MIDI files are one of the many types that are used to simulate the sounds of instruments. As time has progressed, the sounds have become less electronic sounding and more realistic. The MIDI format is mainly used on Mac Pc’s. They use plug ins that are existent, plus you can always download more of them. This makes them appealing to those who just seek to make music using a computer rather than going live.

Virtual Sound Technology is another format that can be used to create live sounds of instruments. The wide variety of instrumentations takes and then loops sounds. Electronic effects can be used in many programs available; there is also a variety that can be added thanks to the internet. Virtual Sound Technology and MIDI files both convert the files to digital sound. This results is a wide variety for the person using this feature to arrange sounds and ways the music is produced without needing new sounds.

The question then becomes whether or not to move into a recording studio or to produce the label using only the electronic versions. While the electronic versions keep all the same notes and length they also produce the same effect every time. With a live performance this is not always the case, music has to be adjusted based on the instruments used and the notes that are played.

Resonanceis one of the main problems however to using a computer to make the music files. Once the sounds are digitalized the sounds no longer carry the waves that an instrument makes in Resonance waves. Resonance waves are vibrations carried from various instruments from the chimes, to even a drum. If you are looking for a little bump to it then you don’t want to digitalize and you will want to use the live performance idea not the production of computer sound files.

Another important choice in this department is choosing the right File to fit the sound you want to make. There are several types of files that can emulate an instrument but if you choose the wrong one fans and even record labels can tell that your sounds are made from a computer rather than a live band. If you are going for techno or electronic music then any file type will work. If, however, you want a more realistic sound you will need to listen to many files and choose the ones that fit what you want them to do.

If you don’t find the ones that you want right away you can always check for upgrades and check for new add-ons, this will increase the chances that you will find what you are looking for. Selecting the right file may need more time then you initially think because of the effects and sounds you’re looking for.

The main thing to think about is this is your music you can have it play any way you want it to. Selecting the right music for what you want is important. After you have selected the type of music you want played, you will want to add them all together; this can add the full flavor of the music. If it plays how you think it should then you can then keep the file. If, however, it’s not the way you want then you might need to tweak it some and change some of the arrangements of files, or you might need to change a file or two to add the sounds you want.

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