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Vinyl Drum Breaks Bundle

Vinyl Breaks Bundle

As we produce music more and more in the digital space, aka your computer, producers go to great length to inject some naalogue warmth into their otherwise perfect but sterile sounding tracks. Especially in lo-fi hip hop it’s common practice to record their drums to tape and resampling them. That takes time and sometimes it’s exaclty what you want, but what if you want to knock two more beats out before heading to work?

Clever beatmakers turn to timeless drum breaks sampled from Vinyl to add warmth and grit to their beats almost instantly. They know that time is money!

The Vinyl Breaks Bundle includes all three volumes of our best selling drum break series Vinyl Breaks. We’ve sampled 300+ classic drum breaks from the original vinyl onto old school samplers to preserve the sound and feel of them. Then we’ve meticulously chopped them into loops and added the tempo, so can properly use them within your beats.

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Save time with these vinyl drum breaks

These drum tracks are fast & easy to work with – no matter your style. The vinyl breaks come looped with BPM tempo info for quick adding to your project.

In the second folder you find all drum breaks pre-chopped into single drum hits, so you can load them on your drum pads and are ready to go. No need to manually chop them manually. Since we chopped ghost kicks, ghost snares, etc seperately, you’ll get 690+ hihats, 1250+ kicks and 830+ snares. Now that’s a massive drum kit!

These breaks work in 99% of DAW’s & hardware, because they are delivered as WAV files. Use them as the foundation of your track and layer your own samples over the top for truly awesome sounding drums!

Download our entire drum break crates today – and we guarantee that these breaks will become the backbone of your productions for years to come!

What you get:

  • 300 timeless drum breaks – all in one dope package
  • Sampled from vinyl to give that true analogue warmth to your tracks
  • All drum break loops are looped ready for you to use with no extra editing required
  • BPM (tempo) information for each break – so you can easily plug breaks straight into any track
  • WAV format so it’s compatible with most hardware and software samplers/workstations
  • Instant download means that you have these vinyl drum breaks in your hands in 30 seconds or less.

This sample pack contains a folder with looped drum breaks in WAV format with BPM info. The other folder you find in this pack contains each drum break pre-chopped into its components, like kicks, snares, hihats, etc. All together you’ll get 300 drum break loops, 690+ hihats, 1250+ kicks and 830+ snares!

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Vinyl Breaks Bundle $29 USD