Voyager Bass Tones

Time for some low end frequencies. Voyager Bass Tones includes painstakingly sampled Moog bass patches recorded mono with a UA 6176 preamp, then directly into the MPC input. Including more than 100 MPC, Maschine and Ableton Live Instruments & Sounds for instant bass gratification.

Voyager Bass Tones: DOWNLOAD 

Info: The Minimoog Voyager or Voyager is a monophonic analog synthesizer, designed by Robert Moog and released in 2002 by Moog Music. The Voyager was modeled after the classic Minimoog synthesizer that was popular in the 1970s, and is meant to be a successor to that instrument. Like the original Minimoog, the Voyager has six sound sources. Five of these (three voltage-controlled oscillators with multiple waveforms, a noise generator, and an external line input) pass to a mixer with independent level controls. The mixed output of the sources is then passed through the voltage-controlled filter and a voltage-controlled amplifier, each of which has its own ADSR (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) envelope generator. The voltage-controlled filter can itself be made to oscillate, thus comprising the Voyager’s sixth sound source.

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