GarageBand for iOS

What’s new in GarageBand for iOS

Apple released major updated of GarageBand for iOS. During the presentation they call it the most popular music app. Let’s see what we’ve got with this update.

New design

First of all it has new iOS7 style design which is closer to style of desktop Apple apps: GarageBand for Mac and LogicX Pro.

Next improvement is ability to with up to 32 tracks. But 32 tracks feature works only on 64 bit devices which means only latest generation of iPhones and iPads (iPhone 5c/5s, iPad air and iPad mini retina). For the rest of us there is limitation of 16 tracks. Though it is better then previous version that supported only 8 tracks.

GarageBand for iOS is FREE!

That’s big I think. GarageBand for iOS is a nice app to start making music on iPad. That’s how people enter in to fantastic world of music apps. Now it is much more affordable. But for those who are buying it for free it will come with limited number of instruments with IAP to open other instruments for 5$.

Inter-app audio

Now GarageBand supports Inter-app audio. There’s nice interface of choosing the app (instrument or effect):

Also inter-app audio enabled apps can be chosen as input sources for sampler instrument and for guitar amp. Actually it is interesting to connect IAA enabled synth to the Apple’s models of guitar amps and effects. But it is also has limitations – it works with mono data so you need to choose left or right channel on IAA signal.

By the way, I didn’t notice before but GarageBand for iOS has nice selection of guitar pedals which I know from Logic pro experience are really good for synths sounds.

Well, IAA is here but honestly I expected much more. There are no midi support for IAA instruments and you can’t use IAA effects as insert effects (like it is already implemented in Auria).

Export to any app

This was unannounced feature but as for me it is one of the best improvements Apple has made. It used to be tricky to export the project from GarageBand to other apps. And it was only possible to export mp3.

Now you can mixdown your track in uncompressed format (AIFF) or mp3 and Open in any other app whether it is Cubasis, Auria or Audio Mastering app.

Download Garageband from App Store!

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