YouTube Promotion List

Want to boost your music video views on Youtube? Of course you do.

You’re not alone! Everyday I hear awesome tracks that don’t gain traction because artists simply don’t know how to promote their material. On the other hand we sift through a lot of tracks which aren’t great, but they get picked up in popular playlists. That’s why it’s crucial to submit your music to Youtube Promotion Channels TODAY! Luckily, we have created the ultimate YouTube Promotion list that will give you the contact details (emails and/or FaceBook/SoundCloud) of some of the largest YouTube channels in Hip Hop, Lo-Fi / Chillout and Trap.

We have used this list ourselves to place videos in big playlist and even offered to promote other people’s music for a fee. So probably we could charge money for the YouTube Promotion list, but I don’t know… We might make it a product you need to pay for in the future, but for now I feel like you can simply have it for free.

If you’re overwhelmed with promoting your music videos, take a look. It’ll help you.

Grab the whole YouTube Curator List below:

[emaillocker id=”22667″]

Click Here to Download!


IMPORTANT: Before sending any pitch to the channels listed in our YouTube Promotion List, make sure you follow the steps below:

  1. Set up your own Youtube channel properly. Have soem more videos uploaded, make a nice banner, etc.
  2. Ask your Fans to follow your channel via newsletter and social media. If you have a channel with a following you will be more likely to get featured.
  3. Follow the channel you want to pitch. If you follow it the same day you pitch them it’s not the best look, so it’s best follow them today already, and wait with pitching them a few weeks at least.
  4. Send out your pitch!

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